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Matmatch helps you find, evaluate and source the best materials for your projects.

Matmatch is a technology company on a mission to empower engineers and product development teams to use the best materials on the market. Meet the Matmatch experts in the exhibtion of MatX!

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„I need an aluminium alloy that is light, yet durable, for aerospace applications under harsh environments“ lautet die Anfrage eines Materialingenieurs, die er an Matmatch richtet.

Auf Knopfdruck schlägt die Datenbank eine Liste an Materialien vor. Mit geeigneten Filterfunktionen lässt sich die Suche noch genauer spezifizieren.

Mit Hilfe der Online Plattform Matmatch haben Produktdesigner und Ingenieure die Möglichkeit, passende Werkstoffe zu finden, miteinander zu vergleichen und mit dem entsprechenden Lieferanten in Verbindung zu treten. Mit einer kostenlosen Datenbank tausender Werkstoffe, einer intuitiven Suchfunktion und Informationen zu den Lieferanten verändert Matchmatch das Suchverhalten von Produktteams, die Werkstoffe für ihre Anwendungen brauchen, grundlegend.

Plattform für Lieferanten

Für Werkstofflieferanten bietet Matmatch darüber hinaus einen neuen Weg, potentielle Kunden online zu erreichen. Als Informationsquelle für Ingenieure und Einkaufsteams ist Matmatch somit eine ideale Plattform für Lieferanten, den Bekanntheitsgrad ihrer Produkte und ihrer Marke zu erhöhen.

Matmatch auf MatX

Wir freuen uns, dass Matmatch zu unseren Ausstellern auf der MatX zählt und haben Ben Smye, Head of Growth, Matmatch GmbH, im Vorfeld interviewt, um mehr Details zu Funktion und Nutzen von Matmatch zu erfahren.
Außerdem wollten wir wissen, warum sich Matmatch als Aussteller bei MatX beworben hat und was unsere MatXTeilnehmer am Stand von Matmatch erwartet…


Interview with Ben Smye, Head of Growth, Matmatch GmbH:

Hi Ben,

We are happy that we may welcome you as exhibitor at MatX 2018 in Nuremberg.
As your company is quite young, we would like to learn more about Matmatch…

First of all, what exactly is Matmatch?

Matmatch is a free-to-access search engine for materials, including metals, polymers and ceramics. Our mission is to become the single trusted source of information for product designers, engineers, and material scientists. Plus, we aim to connect them with suppliers of the materials they're looking for.

Whether users want to find the properties of an existing material or discover new ones, Matmatch helps them do that. For known materials, they can simply search with a text query (e.g. Aluminium 6061-T6). They can discover new materials by searching by application or using a wide range of material property filters (from yield strength to electrical conductivity).
In addition, we are working with materials suppliers to help them promote their materials and connect with potential buyers.
So, the core of Matmatch is our database. We have a team of in-house material scientists constantly working to improve it and add data on new materials.

Could you briefly describe, how Matmatch works?

The core of Matmatch is the search tool. It allows people to find materials in our database using the filters that are most relevant to them. As mentioned above, they can search by application, material property, material category (currently including metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites), and shape.

From the users‘ point of view, who can benefit from Matmatch?

The tool can be used by and benefit product designers, engineers, material scientists and academics working in the materials space. They can all use the tool for free to find and compare data on over 75,000 materials.

Additionally, material suppliers can benefit by listing on the platform. They'll connect with thousands of people searching for materials to increase awareness of their brand and generate leads.

Last but not least – we are very keen to know why Matmatch will be exhibiting at MatX and what our participants may expect from Matmatch at MatX

We're exhibiting for a few reasons - firstly, to raise awareness of what we're doing with the MatX audience. I believe a lot of the attendees could be potential users of Matmatch. Secondly, we want to get some feedback. So, we hope to show the platform to people attending and get their thoughts on what they like and what could be improved. Finally, there could be some suppliers at the event, e.g. companies developing new innovative materials. If that is the case, we'd like to talk to them about listing on the platform so we can help promote their materials.

Thanks a lot for the interview, Ben, and looking forward to seeing you at MatX in summer.

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