HBW Gubesch goes FlexHyJoin – Flexible production cell for Hybrid Joining

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MatX VIP circle – No 1

EU project for high performance hybrid automotive parts

At MatX, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Müller-Lenhardt, leader F&E at HBW Gubesch, will be facilitating a workshop about “Hybrid joining of fiber plastic bonded and metal” based on the EU project “FlexHyJoin – Flexible production cell for Hybrid Joining.
Moreover, HBW Gubesch together with their project partner will be presented with an own stand at MatX.

If you are interested in learning more details about the FlexHyJoin project and meet the involved partners, join our workshop at the MatX conference.


Bildquelle: Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH

HBW Gubesch goes FlexHyJoin – Flexible production cell for Hybrid Joining

Since October 2015, HBW Gubesch has joined the EU project FlexHyJoin. The project -funded by the European Union’s program for research and innovation “Horizon 2020” -focusses on the development of a fully automatized joining process for the automotive industry.

The consortium, consisting of ten partners from five countries, aims at enabling rapid manufacturing of hybrid metal/thermoplastic-based fiber reinforced polymer composite (TP-FRPC) parts. Hybrid components play an essential role in vehicle weight reduction and facilitate the materials’ full potential exploitation. Particularly, metal/TP-FRPC multi-materials are very promising for this purpose, as TP-FRPC materials offer high specific mechanical properties and excellent chemical/corrosion resistance. However, a satisfying joining method for metal and TP-FRPC parts does not exist until now, ensuring a high mechanical bonding performance without employing additional material and simultaneously possessing an adequate level of Automation.

New approach of combining induction joining and laser joining

 Both induction joining and laser joining are combined in a fully automatized production cell. These two indicatory technologies perfectly complement each other concerning their particular fields of application. Implementing innovative surface textures enables gapless form closure and improved adhesion in automotive components without requiring any additional material, such as adhesives. By combining the surface treatment with the complementary induction joining and laser joining, as well as integrating the complete equipment with an on-line process control, a very high degree of automation and significant reduction in the manufacturing-critical cycle time can be achieved. 

HBW Gubesch is quite optimistic that FlexHyJoin - running until end of December 2018 - will support the industry-wide usage of metal/TP-FRPC hybrid components in automotive mass production. 

We wish HBW Gubesch and the rest of the consortium the best of luck with the ongoing project and are excited to learn more about the project soon!


The consortium of the EU project FlexHyJoin: Ten partners from five countries

Besides HBW Gubesch Thermoforming GmbH, the following organisations are part of the consortium:

  • CRF Centro Ricerche FIAT S.c.p.A., Italy
  • EDAG Engineering GmbH, Germany
  • FILL Gesellschaft m.b.H., Austria, Fraunhofer ILT, Germany
  • Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation, Spain
  • Institut fuer Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH (Project Coordinator), Germany
  • KGR S.p.A., Italy
  • Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland
  • New Infrared Technologies S.L., Spain

Bildquelle: HBW Gubesch

About HBW Gubesch:
HBW Gubesch has been a very good client of Bayern Innovativ and partner of the Cluster New Materials for many years. Located in the Nuremberg area, the medium sized, family-run company started its business more than 30 years ago with model construction and plastic injection molding. Meanwhile, HBW Gubesch has developed to a full-service provider in the field of innovative thermoforming and injection molding technologies following their motto “we form your ideas!” Besides their key competences – development and construction, prototype building, toolmaking, production of parts, surface finishing and assembly – HBW Gubesch extended their business portfolio as technology supplier having their own research and development department.

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